Florence. the Lampredotto

Firenze, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



Piatti tipici
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While tripe comes from the entrails of different parts of the stomach of cattle, lampredotto is prepared using only one, the abomasum, also known as lampredotto. This is a typical and exclusive dish of Florence, a fundamental part of the city’s gastronomic tradition, very popular also among tourists – who have exported its fame abroad – due to the presence of numerous kiosks – better known as lampredottai – scattered everywhere in the historical centre, a poor dish and the spearhead of local street food. Lampredotto, in fact, can also be found in some restaurants, but there is no better way than to eat it as tradition dictates, in the street, sitting on a bench or walking through the mysterious streets of Florence. It can be eaten like this, or in the most classic way, in a sandwich – soaked in the cooking juices of the lampredotto – accompanied by the typical salsa verde (prepared with parsley, garlic, anchovies – or anchovy paste – breadcrumbs soaked in water, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper).

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