Finale Ligure, one of the most beautiful villages in Liguria

17024 Finale Ligure SV, Italia

Simona Bertolaso

Finale Ligure


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Finale Ligure is one of the most beautiful villages in Liguria, and also in Italy. Not only that, but it can also boast several awards: on the shoreline there is the Blue Flag for the quality of the water, the Green Flag for the child-friendly beaches, the Lilac Flag for the attention and welcome of tourists with disabilities. And that’s not all. Finalborgo is the heart of Finale Ligure, but this area has much more to offer, even in the surrounding area.
First of all because it is made up of three souls, three hamlets that once constituted different settlements, each with its own characteristics and therefore to be discovered. There is Finalmarina, which rises up by the sea, as its name suggests; there is Finalpia, which is also by the sea, but has older origins than Finalmarina. And, of course, there is Finalborgo, which has long since earned a place in the club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. The name recalls the medieval origin of the town and not only, since the walls that delimited and protected it are still well preserved.
You can still admire the ancient walls, the palaces of the fifteenth century and the Renaissance period, whose main feature is the presence of slate in the architecture. As in any self-respecting Ligurian village, the palaces are separated by the "carruggi" (narrow streets), which are arranged at right angles to each other and at each intersection open into a square. It is dominated by the Govone and San Giovanni castles. There is definitely an atmosphere of times gone by walking along these streets.

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