Fayoum Oasis, a hidden gem in the desert

Oasi del Fayyum, Al Faiyum Governorate Desert, Governatorato di Fayyum, Egitto

Simona Bertolaso

Oasi del Fayyum


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It’s difficult to imagine a desert oasis with a magical lake, cascading waterfalls, and a valley of ancient whales failing to be listed among a destination’s top attractions.
But in a place like Egypt, with its ancient pyramids and beautiful beaches, competition is understandably steep.
Located less than two hours south west of Cairo, Fayoum Oasis is undoubtedly one of the country’s hidden treasures.
Made up of many lakes and canals, this large region is an ideal weekend or day trip spot for those keen to escape the bustle of the city.
"Cairo is chaotic and noisy. The closer you get to Fayoum, the quieter and cleaner it becomes," Cairo-based Italian cinematographer Federico Corno tells CNN Travel. "And then suddenly you see patches of green everywhere.
"People often think about Egypt as just sand, pyramids, the heat or the Red Sea. They don’t imagine green farms, art and pottery, relaxation and meditation.
"In Fayoum, life just kind of slows down and goes back to the natural rhythm it should be."

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