Clams of Goro

44020 Goro FE, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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At the far end of the province of Ferrara, there is the Sacca di Goro, which is the ideal habitat for many species of fish, especially clams and mussels.mussel farming, among which the Philippine clam stands out, is a recent tradition in this area, but it is based on a long history of relationship with the sea. The town of Goro, an ancient fishing village, has quickly become the point of reference in Italy for the production of this shellfish, whose soft and fleshy body lends itself well to various culinary preparations.
The cooking that best enhances their particular taste is the simplest: in a hot pan with oil, crushed garlic and a handful of parsley, cooked very quickly.
The breeding activity is carried out as in an agricultural field: the juveniles are manually sown, then the area is closed for 6-12 months until the harvest. Harvesting is done with short or long hand rakes, or by special boats called vongolare (clam boats); once harvested, the clams are sieved and purified in special enclosures before being put on the market.

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