Cisternino and its famous butcher shops

72014 Cisternino BR, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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Cisternino is love at first sight, impossible not to fall deeply in love from the first moment of this beautiful village in the province of Brindisi. The love at first sight for Cisternino is waiting for you at every corner, at every glimpse, at every scent that you will smell coming out of the houses and the infamous butcher shops with stove.Cisternino, however, is not only famous for its architectural beauty and its enchanting views. Cisternino is the home of the famous Bombette di Cisternino and butchers with stove. The gastronomic tradition of the place is closely linked to meat, here it is much more than a product, it is part of the heritage of the families. The butcher shops in Cisternino are not just simple shops where you can buy delicious cuts of meat, but they also have an adjacent stove for the preparation of traditional dishes to be enjoyed in relaxation among the tables set up outdoors. If you’ve never been there, you’ll have to stretch your imagination. Think of the narrow streets that wind through the old town centre, dotted with butchers’ shops with a cooker that offer specialities to be roasted, strictly grilled. But what do you eat in butcher shops with stove: everything! From the famous bombette, to gnummareddi, rolls made with entrails. Then we continue with the flavoured sausages, here known as zampina, ribs and veal steaks.

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