Church of Santa Ana in Granada

C. Sta. Ana, 1, 18009 Granada, Spagna

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The Church of Santa Ana in Granada was built in 1501 over the Almanzra aljama (mosque).

central aisle and general view of the church of santa anaThe church of Santa Ana, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the city.

It was built on the side of the Darro River on a huge work of ashlars, the result of the use of the Almazora aljama and the subsequent expansion of the same in the first half of the sixteenth century.

Its design is by Diego de Siloé but was executed by Francisco Hernández de Móstoles.

crystal coffin with christ in the church of santa ana in granadaOn the outside, some of the most outstanding elements that architecture has left in Granada stand out, such as the magnificent plateresque façade by Sebastián de Alcántara and his son Juan and the slender mudejar tower of the temple, the most beautiful of those that this art left in all of Spain.

Work of Juan Castellar, its entire body appears punctuated by arches.

The last with a showy mullioned window, whose spandrels are adorned with tiles in the traditional tones, white, blue and green, the same as those of the borders of the roofs and the spire of the bell tower.

statue of virgin mary in the church of santa ana nuevaOn the roof of the main chapel a minaret of the old Almanzora mosque is preserved.

There is another of the same temple in the museum of the Alhambra, undoubtedly a miracle that has reached our days intact.

Above it a beautiful wrought iron cross presides over the exterior of the temple, as a symbol of its consecration to Christianity.

As a curiosity, we will add that Mariana Pineda, a heroine of the nineteenth century, executed for embroidering a liberal flag, was married here.

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