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Via del Littorale, 57128 Antignano LI, Italy

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The Boccale Castle is a large manor house that rises in Livorno, south of the Antignano district, along the coastal road to Quercianella in the stretch of coastline called "Boccale" or "Pirate Cove."
The cove takes its name from the Castello del Boccale, the great manor that rises majestically and imposingly above the cliff, dominating the scene from above and giving anyone who pauses to admire it an unforgettable view of the landscape. The building has recently been restored to its former glory, after years of neglect, and transformed into a residential complex (with apartments for rent/sale).
The original structure consisted only of the Tower (closer to the sea, towering over the rest of the castle), erected in the 16th century at the behest of the Medici family over the remains of a pre-existing structure of older origins. According to some historical records, the Republic of Pisa, given its strategic location, had already built a watchtower there in medieval times.

rocks-castel-boccaleAt the end of the 19th century the tower became the property of Marchesa Eleonora Ugolini, who decided to incorporate it into a more spacious residence in neo-medieval style, with exposed stone bricks and battlements. In later times the castle became the property of the Witaker-Ingham family, which, in the early 20th century, had the battlements removed, preferring simpler sloping pitch roofs. The manor, in addition to the ancient square Medici tower, has three other lower towers with a circular plan. In the castle grounds then a small gray stone tower, now used as a warehouse, was built.
The Castello del Boccale contributes to the attractiveness of Livorno’s already marvelous stretch of coastline. The Romito cliff is full of places to discover and in which to linger to admire the view, dive and enjoy some excellent cacciucco alla livornese at the restaurants overlooking the sea.

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