Breslava, the city of gnomes

Wroclaw, Polonia

Simona Bertolaso



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You turn around, look up and find them everywhere: in the street, on light poles, on rooftops, in plain sight or hidden. They are the gnomes of Wroclaw, a real attraction that was born in 2001 inspired by the Orange Alternative protests, a movement in opposition to the communist regime in the 1980s. When the protest writings on the walls were erased by the rulers, the opponents drew gnomes everywhere, to mock them.To celebrate that season, on June 1st 2001 the Father Gnome was placed on Swidnicka Street, who reigns over all the others that came later (and can be found on the website, especially to celebrate arts and crafts, often paid for by the shopkeepers or institutions themselves.Among firemen, butchers, book lovers and prisoners, there is also the Italian Gnome: he enjoys life riding a Vespa with a flask of Chianti and a moka.
Every year in September there is the Festiwal Krasnoludków. It is a city festival entirely dedicated to Gnomes. The main location is the Puppet Theatre, but many streets of the city host events for children.
Currently, there are almost 400 of these funny little people and their number is constantly growing!

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