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Spared twice from the destruction of war during the Thirty Years’ War and the Second World War, it’s a miracle that Bamberg has held on to its historic sites. Dating as far back as 902 and the largest amount of unaltered buildings (2,400) and the minimal damage that the town sustained during the war, Bamberg is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Like Rome Bamberg is also built on seven hills – something that fills its citizens with pride. Surrounded by a lush green landscape, the hills are a typical feature of the town, boasting many spires which can be seen from afar. Visit the famous Imperial Cathedral on Cathedral Hill and Altenburg Castle at the town’s highest vantage point.

Don’t forget to visit the Island District,the pulsating hearth of the city. It has always been the middle-class centre of Bamberg.
This is still very much the case today with the pedestrian zone and its many shops. However, window shopping is not the only pastime the enchanting old half-timbered buildings have to offer. The restaurant trade is also well established here. The spectrum extends from trendy bars to “haute cuisine”. The Island District is always full of life; it is home not only to most of the faculties of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg but also to many residents. Among the most striking sights are the “Old Town Hall” in the middle of the River Regnitz and the former Fishermen’s settlement known as “Little Venice”.

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