Augusteum Aqueduct

80036 Palma Campania NA, Italia

Simona Bertolaso

Palma Campania


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One of the most suggestive and imposing stretches of the Augustan Aqueduct is found in Sarno, on the border with Palma Campania in private property. Precisely in the locality Mura D’Arce (the name of this road originates from the arches of the aqueduct).
The Augustan Aqueduct was built between 33 and
12 BC to supply the Roman fleet stationed in Miseno. Supplying along its way cities such as Pompeii, Neapolis, Cumae, Nola etc.. And also luxurious villas and emasserie between tunnels and bridges starting from the sources of Serino. The Serino aqueduct is one of the greatest architectural works of the entire Roman Empire. 96 long
kilometers that with all the secondary branches reached 145 kilometers. This work
This impressive work required constant maintenance, just what is missing today.

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