Altamira Castle

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Altamira Castle, locally known as Palacio de Altamira or Alcazar de la Señoria, lies in the center of the city of Elche.
It was first built during the 11th and 13th century during Almohad rule, next to the valley of the Vinalopó river. Then it formed an integral part of the city walls.
The present appearance of the castle mostly dates back to that time.From then on until the 19th century, the castle was the home of the Lords of Elche. Its keep also housed James II of Aragon, Peter IV of Aragon and the Catholic Monarchs when they visited Elche.
In the 18th century,when the castle was owned by the Count of Altimira,its southern facade was transformed into a stately 2-storey house. Also since the 18th century, up until 1959, the west wing of the castle was used as a prison. In 1915 a textile factory was built on the courtyard, which functioned until the end of the sixties.

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